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100g Tube of Biscuits

From £2.42 (ex VAT) each All pricing

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Minimum 100

£3.35 EACH (ex VAT)

total £334.50 (ex VAT)

Promotional gift tubes come with many benefits. Not only do they stand out in a crowded market of gift merchandise but, with a wide range of sweet treats to choose from, you can't fail to impress and entertain. Not only that, promotional gift tubes:

■ Provide a huge branding space with no limitations on colours or print style.

■ Are big enough to share and keep some for later.

■ Are eco-friendly – as well as the fact the tubes can be reused, metal, paper and card can be recycled and the card tube itself is made from 100% recycled FSC material.

■ Have a low minimum order quantity.

■ Are made in the UK.


These tubes come with a variety of different biscuits such as - 

Choc Chip Cookie: A classic, hailing originally from America – indulgence, chocolate and biscuit. what more do your customers need?

Clotted Cream Shortbread: A touch of true tradition, carefully baked to an original recipe, our clotted cream shortbread is a well loved biscuit.

The Original Oatie Flip: Crumbly and delicious! Made with an oat based mix,  this biscuit is totally satisfying. A safe bet no matter the audience, our oatie flip is one of our most popular biscuits.


100g Tube of Biscuits

Quantity 100 300 600 1000
Unit Cost £3.35 £2.91 £2.66 £2.42
Total £334.50 £873.00 £1593.00 £2415.00
VAT £66.90 £174.60 £318.60 £483.00
Grand Total £401.40 £1047.60 £1911.60 £2898.00

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